CPDF informs consumers on financial opportunities through small dollar, short term loans.

CPDF Principles


Empowering Borrowers

With a strong demand for consumer protections and fair lending, the financial market and its investors should provide credit access while keeping loan products affordable. We dedicate our work so that borrowers receive access to credit options despite:

  • Credit Score
  • Employment Status
  • Income Size
  • Debt History

Reporting Lending Practices

Increasingly, Americans from every socioeconomic class and credit history are choosing a short term loan as their preferred financing method. CPDF reports any notable changes whenever a new consumer protection law passes, the lending industry begins providing installment loans with extremely low rates, or any other kind of alteration in the short term loan, payday loan, cash advance loan, and installment loan industry.


Establishing Financial Awareness

Consumer Payday Financing wishes for every American to have the same financial opportunities as the wealthy. Compared to the days when a payday loan or cash advance was the only choice for borrowers who needed cash fast with no questions asked, having an online connection lets a lender connect instantly to any borrower. These new lenders are giving fast approval to short term loans with installment payment plans and fair rates. Those terms are still not widely accepted in the payday lending community.


Supporting Lenders

Where do I find a payday loan alternative?

Borrowers can apply for a personal loan with monthly installments and fair rates from most online lenders. Online lending businesses have increased the availability of high quality payday loan alternatives even to consumers with bad credit. These reasonably priced loans are a beneficial financial resource for individuals when used to cover unexpected expenses.

The financial marketplace is a large network made up of independent investors, financial products and services, lending companies, and millions of borrowers. Sometimes lenders that offer the most affordable loan products get lost in the mix. In order to minimize the confusion, CPDF has chosen to extend our services for the inclusion of special lenders that follow our principles and provide consumers with affordable and transparent financing.

MyGreenLoans provides short term online personal loans with fixed rates for consumers. Borrowers can choose from an array of short term loan options that offer quick financing while keeping loan costs down.

For borrowers with bad credit, P2P Credit offers loans with reasonable installment plans and affordable fixed rates. A bad credit installment loan gives borrowers access to credit without a hard credit check. These bad credit loans can be used for credit card debt consolidation or any other debt consolidation purpose.

Borrowers looking for a payday loan alternative can learn about short term loan benefits at Payday Alternatives. Consumers can secure cash quickly by getting a short term loan that has low, fixed rates and fair repayment options.

Short Term Lending lets consumers learn more about what a short term loan can finance. A personal loan with a short term can pay for a down payment on a car, partially finance a weekend getaway, or pay off a credit card balance.